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Tricks to Make the Meeting Atmosphere Fun

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When working, one of the activities that must exist in various kinds of work is a meeting or meeting. Meetings are held to find out various information or to provide various information relating to the work carried out.

Meetings or meetings are conducted starting from the ordinary, important, to very important. The definition of meeting itself is a meeting consisting of two or more people who aim to make a decision, agreement, and media to communicate for an internal or external company, agency, and so on.

The thing that makes some people lazy to follow or hold a meeting is that it is boring, the meeting is usually done at least 30 minutes, the longest can be hours. Therefore, to overcome the tedious thing when meeting can follow the following tricks:

1. Choose a place

Choosing the place in question here is a different place from the place that is usually used for meetings. This is because, choosing a place for meetings can affect the atmosphere.


2. Interesting Presentation Materials

Furthermore, what can make meetings fun and not boring is to make interesting presentation material. You must make presentation material that is interesting and different from usual. You do this by making slides that are not too much written, simple but complete, and display more visual images.


3. Simple Language

In order for the meeting atmosphere to be fun and not boring, you can do it by using simple language. To make listeners or people who take part in meetings continue to pay attention to the speaker. You also have to use simple language in conveying information, because sometimes there are some words that you may only know and others do not understand the word used by you.


4. Give Humor

Furthermore, a trick that can be done is by giving a little humor in attending or holding a meeting. The purpose of giving a little humor is to give a few words or actions that can make the people who attend the meeting laugh.

Inevitably, it turns out that in a meeting the things that make some people bored are an atmosphere that is tense and too serious. Seriously in attending or holding meetings is necessary, but give a little touch of humor or things that can make people laugh so that the atmosphere of the meeting becomes more refreshing and unforgettable.


5. Provide snacks

Following or holding a meeting that tends to be long and requires the mind to think will make one's stomach feel hungry. Because of this, some people can feel bored and cannot focus on listening to the information being conveyed.

For that, provide snacks and soft drinks that can be consumed during an ongoing meeting. Inevitably, some people are more able to focus on something when they are feeling a full stomach or while consuming something.


6. Determine the Duration

The thing that really affects some people is that they are bored of attending a meeting, namely the duration of the meeting The duration is generally the fastest, which is 30 minutes and can last more than four hours. Therefore, to hold a meeting, you must determine the duration according to the information you want to convey. If the duration has been set, as much as possible do not be late to start or late to finish a meeting.

Well, that's a few tricks you can do to make the meeting atmosphere pleasant and not boring.






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