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Tips for Organizing Comfortable Office Space

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Comfortable and clean office space can be one way to increase work productivity. This is because the layout of the work space can affect a good atmosphere and of course it will make office employees not easily bored. 88Office has provided a comfortable and clean office space for clients who use Serviced Office services. However, each office space must also be maintained by each individual who occupies it. The following are tips that can be done so that office space can provide comfort, namely:


1. Placing the Computer Screen Parallel to the Eyes

The position of a computer screen that is not parallel or at eye level can cause discomfort during work. Apart from being able to have a painful effect on the back of the neck, this can also make activities less comfortable, so that your work productivity may decrease and be less efficient.


2. Tidy up the Office Desk

An employee's office desk usually has personal items as well as office equipment and is usually always left in a mess. Get used to neatly arrange all the items contained on the office desk to make it look comfortable.


3. Making Office Furniture Order Well

Adjust office furniture in the workspace so that it is not arranged in a mess and adapted to needs. Do not let there be a room that is left empty and not functioning, as well as arranging the location of the office desk and chair neatly and harmoniously. It is also important to ensure that the furniture used is a product that is comfortable and safe to use.


4. Noting the Condition and Environment of the Office

Included in physical and environmental conditions include lighting or lighting in the office, air circulation, humidity in office space, workplace security, and office space decoration. Set it to be as comfortable as possible so that light and air can get into the office space to taste and the decorations and colors that dominate the workspace do not interfere with your activities while working.


Those are some tips that can be applied by paying attention to important factors in structuring office space for ourselves. The resulting comfort certainly will not only be felt for you and your colleagues in the office but also for visitors to your office space whether it's guests, clients or business partners.






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