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4 Tips for Choosing Office Zoning in Jakarta

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For most entrepreneurs, having an office located in a strategic area is very important because it can determine whether a company develops or not. But the strategic location has a different definition for each entrepreneur depending on the business he runs also.

Then if we are a beginner businessman, how do we determine the region or zoning is appropriate for us to make the address of our office or business center? Check out some tips below so you are not wrong in choosing office zoning for your business.

1. Road Access and Security

Pay attention to road access to your business place and also in terms of security. Because this will affect turnover or income from your company. Try to choose a location that is easy to access such as a road that can be accessed in two directions and also not too rotating. In addition, the level of security must also be a value that needs to be considered.

2. Total Community Income and Population Density Level

This actually depends on the business you are running. Because some businesses do not require how high or low the income of the community because the company has a prey on foreign markets or exports. But it will be another story if the business being run is a business that sells goods or services directly to customers in the region. The progress or failure of your company will depend on the average amount of community income and population density.

3. Cleanliness of Surrounding Locations and Parking Lots

Of course this is very important, because whatever business you run, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding location and also have to have adequate parking, because this will affect your company image for client, how could you run a business if you do not have a good image in your client's.

4. Pay Attention to Competitors

It also becomes something that you must pay attention to well, because it will be difficult for you to run a business that you just started out if you have larger and more advanced competitors in locations that are close to your business location. And if this is not possible to avoid, try your business to have a Unique Selling Point that your competitors don't have, so you will have more selling points that can help your business run.

Of these 4 tips, you will be able to determine whether or not a location or zoning is appropriate as your business center or office address. Again, pay good attention, because this can determine whether your business will develop or not in the future.






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