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4 Things to Consider Before Using Virtual Office

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In our previous article, we discuss about 4 things that need to be considered before rent a serviced office, so this time we will discuss some of the things that need to be considered before using Virtual Office. Virtual Office is a facility in the form of a physical office address for rent that allows tenants to use the address of the virtual office provider as the business address. A virtual office has all the benefits of an office in general, such as telephone, email, fax and some other physical needs.

For business people who are running a business, the existence of the office is certainly needed so that the company's daily operational activities can run smoothly. In addition, the existence of the office also attracts the trust of consumers and clients. But in reality, in big cities like Jakarta, office space is increasingly limited and the rental prices are also getting higher. That is what often becomes an obstacle for business people. In response to this, there have been many concepts of virtual office to meet office needs. Virtual offices allow employees to do work outside the office. The office that is expected to become the future office is indeed like giving a breath of fresh air to business people. However, there are several things that business owners need to pay attention to before leasing Virtual office. What are those? Here's the review.


1. Determine the location

Location is one of the important things that need to be considered before you choose a virtual office. A clear, strategic location and close to important offices are a number of considerations for you to determine the right office.

2. Facilities

Besides location, facilities are also an important aspect to consider before choosing a virtual office. The completeness of the facilities provided by the virtual office can be a quality reference from the provider company, such as a meeting room, a comfortable waiting room, or even whether or not to apply for a PKP(Pengusaha Kena Pajak).

3. Price

The price offered to rent a virtual office is an important consideration for a company. Before renting a virtual office you should do a price comparison with the facilities offered. Make sure you choose a virtual office rental service that offers the best price and in accordance with the company's budget.

4. Employees

The last thing that is no less important to note before choosing a virtual office is the employees who will work with you. Not all employees can adapt easily because this virtual office concept is not too popular among the Indonesian people. So here is needed a policy and some fair conditions from you as the company leader to be able to talk about it. For example, by using a virtual office, your employees certainly do not need attendance, and this is where you play a role in determining the employee's performance appraisal policy if attendance is not included in the calculation.

Here are some tips you can do before using Virtual Office services. For beginner entrepreneurs, virtual office rent can be the right choice because it is practical and does not require large costs. As one of the Virtual Office service providers, 88Office provides all your company needs. From a strategic location, to a professional receptionist ready to make your business image more prestigious. Located on Jl. Kasablanka Raya Kuningan, known as the golden triangle of the city of Jakarta, 88Office is now one of the Virtual Office service providers that can apply for PKP(Pengusaha Kena Pajak).






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