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Benefits of Using Serviced Office Services in Jakarta Compared to Ordinary Office Rentals

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Serviced Office is an office that is managed and equipped with facilities like an office in general. Serviced Offices are also commonly known as business centers (executive centers) or executive offices usually located in business districts or in big cities throughout the world. In Asia Pacific, the growth of the Serviced Office and co-working space is growing at more than 35% annually.

In general, the Serviced Office offers complete office services such as office equipment (cabinets, tables and chairs), telephone numbers, internet, to meeting rooms / meeting rooms. More flexible rental terms and many packages offered, the Serviced Office cuts a lot of operating costs when compared to conventional offices. Often people rent a Serviced Office because of the completeness of the facilities provided by the manager and the management of documents relating to legality. The concept of the Serviced Office is a suitable place for entrepreneurs, consultants and SMEs with lower costs, collaborative work areas, and flexibility on a monthly-yearly basis. Why choose Serviced Office rental compared to conventional office rental?


1. Prime office location

Now more Jakarta Serviced Offices are available in the best locations so that you can increase the prestige of your business because the office is in a superior location. You also don't need to bother looking for a building or empty space for rent in a good location because most Serviced Offices are ready to use that are easily accessible.

2. Prioritizing Cost Efficiency

Jakarta Serviced Office rental rates may look more expensive than ordinary office space rental prices, but by renting Serviced Office you have gotten various kinds of office needs that can make preparations for setting up an office more cost effective and more time efficient. You don't have to search for office furniture yourself, search for and install your own internet provider, and more.

3. Flexible office

Most ordinary office space has a rental period of many years so that the tenant inevitably has to use the office during the rental period. Though nobody knows if it turns out the business isn't going well, or the office has to be moved for various reasons. With the Jakarta Serviced Office, the lease period can be more flexible, short term or long term, so that businesses can be more free if they want to move offices in smaller or larger places after the business develops.

4. Administrative Affairs Have Been Taken Care of

For start-up businesses that do not yet have a large budget to recruit more human resources, handing technical matters to third parties can ease the burden because business managers can focus more on developing their business rather than technical things that look simple but are actually sufficient complex. Rent a place at the Jakarta Serviced Office generally also has provided administrative services such as receptionists who can receive telephone and office guests, technical support such as internet installation or other electronic needs, things that are domestic are also taken care of such as matters of cleaning, pantry , and others.







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