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Serviced Office vs Rental Empty Office Space

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Are you a starter business want to start a business in Jakarta or an enterpreneurs who want to open a branch in Jakarta and still confuse to use service office Jakarta or rent empty office space for your business, in this article you will found out that using service office Jakarta is better than rental empty office space.

Maybe you think that rent an empty office space is cheaper than using service office Jakarta. But in fact, rent an empty office space need lot of additional costs for renovations and buying furniture to fill the room. If you use service office, the room that you rent is already to use with the furniture and other equipment, such as desks, chairs, air conditioning, cabinets, and others.

If you rent an empty office space, your time will be wasted during the renovation, if you force to use it while renovated, you will be feel uncomfortable. It doesn't happened if you use service office Jakarta, because you can immediately start your business after you moved in.

If using service office Jakarta, you don't need to hiring a receptionist to receive calls or greet your customers, and you don't need to find an office boy to clean your room, because all of that already provided by service office Jakarta.

Service office Jakarta usually include an internet connection in their package, so you don't need to worry about monthly internet fee anymore. If you interest in using service office Jakarta, don't hesitate to contact us.

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